Farm house – Renovation, NH -8, Jaipur


This farm house is located on NH-8 about 20 km from Jaipur city while travelling towards Ajmer road. This farm house has lush green lawns all around with a swimming pool at the centre of the property. It is like a jewel shining at the centre. Due to shortage of water in Jaipur city our client wanted to reduce size of the pool and develop the area for party along with upliftment of various supporting facilities Therefore complete new look was introduced to fit in the client's recruitment.


Beautiful gazebo is designed to accommodate various facilities on various occasions. It has a fan with very elegant lights. The counter in the gazebo is self sufficient to serve food and do cleaning of vegetables etc. in the sink provided. Gazebo has space for 10-12 people to accommodate at one time and enjoy the space.


The central part in which the swimming pool is located is elevated from the ground to be marked as important feature. Pool is very well designed ie. it has facility to be seated in water and have drinks and snacks. There are under water lights in swimming pool and up lighter in the floor which emits the lights upwards and also acts like a highlighter.


Entry to the pool area is through a semicircular arch having natural stone random rubble masonry which runs around the entire wall of the swimming pool. High plinth is maintained to have privacy as well as to have a view of the garden on the other side of the pool.

Pool Area - Mr Totuka