Ghanerao Palace, Ghanerao,Pali, Rajasthan


Palace has a very impressive gate supported with 2 burj on either side with a double height gateway at the entrance having jharokha at the centre which is like a jewel at the top. This palace reflects beautiful Rajputana Architecture. Constructed out of mud and brick with lime wash on top of it. This structure stands boldly for more than 300 years and is the pride shining right in the centre of Mewar and Marwar region.


The oldest structure in the palace which stands in the centre of the palace and is assumed to be more than 300 years old has a strong and bold legacy to witness till date. It has beautiful colonnade on its East and South side where as jharokhas protuding outside the main wall towards south side. South west portion protuding outside is further added advantage as per vastu.


Heritage structure constructed in traditional style having age of more than 300 years has a very strong socio cultural, architectural and emotional value. Hence to restore this structure is not only an attempt to restore building but to restore sentiments along with it.

Archival Painting @ Ghanerao

આના પર Ar Gaurav Mathurએ પોસ્ટ કર્યું શનિવાર, 21 એપ્રિલ, 2018

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