IN- Solutions, Dubai

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The design of an office has to reflect today's evolving work environment, to make that possible and to fulfill clients requirements, the office spaces are designed with bright and soothing colors. And spaces are designed that empower the mind and spirit of the employee to work with enthusiasm.

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Now a day's offices require areas that are for more person rather than singles occupancy. So the spaces are designed in a way where people can work together and can do multiple activities in the office ,hence giving a high production to the office. The spaces are designed with bright colors creating positive environment for the people working.

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These different types of rooms will help us understand the levels of privacy required for the each and every meeting. Diagonal flooring pattern was used inside the room with use of different shades of a single color , this will help the space to brighten up. We used different patterns on the wall and colors to help the place look cheer full.