Jao Ki Baori – Kuchamin City, Rajasthan


Jao ki Baori is located in the heart of Kuchamin city. It is estimated to be about 250 years old step-well and has a very interesting architecture. It has roads on all the four sides and two bridges to cross the water body.It has very well defined entry from North and a small structure attached to it with two small rooms on either sides, making it a very unique and interesting structure to be studied and restored.


This step-well has well on the opposite side of the entrance and it is still being used by the locals. This is also surrounded by 2 temples on either sides making it very unique. 2 bridges which are constructed over it has 3 beautiful arches to support the structure.


Step-well has very interesting engineering which allows the water to enter the step-well through the channels which are below the city and are connected to the outskirts of the city at the footsteps to collect the water. Restoration of this step-well shall improve the present quantity as well as quality which shall be then used for various purposes. GM Architects has also proposed to increase the heights of the walls to avoid animal meandering and throwing of garbage in the step-well. This is a public private partnership mode hence lot of locals are also participating in upliftment of the step-well and it is very close to the heart of the people.