Manu Yantralaya- Factory Design, SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur


Manu Yantralaya is a factory located at SEZ Mahindra, Jaipur, with total built up area of about 1 Lac sq.ft. and completion time of about 15 months. This factory is two storied structure completely made up of reinforced cement concrete. Walls are completely made up of hollow cement concrete blocks for reduction of heat during extreme hot climate. This factory is very well illuminated and ventilated and does not need any artificial light through the day.
Architecture of this factory is a blend of European and Indian style which is clearly reflected through the elevations. White facade of the building makes it stand like a gem in the vicinity and is an example of a bold and clear architecture.


We have tried to make this building energy efficient by adding various features to control thermal insulation i.e
1. Hollow concrete blocks
2. White colour to reflect the heat
3. Installation of Solar panels to reduce consumption of electricity from outer source
4. VRV systems in Air Conditioning to optimism the usage of Air conditioning
5. heat reflecting glasses have been used
6. Large window openings have been created for natural light to enter the factory


Manuyantralya stands long in its side facade and allows the symmetry along the central bay through the factory.
All services other than fire fighting have been painted in white colour to gel up with the facade


Entry to the factory is through a double height foyer which witness the granduar of the entrance. Entry is simply supported by a beautiful wooden staircase with a stainless steel railing, with a beautiful curve at the beginning.
This enriches the space and provides a great aesthetic sense and it is highly appreciated and encouraged by the visitor

Manuyantralya Front Elevations

Manuyantralya Side Elevation

Energy Efficient building