Mr. Siddharth Sharma Residence Interiors,Trimurti circle, Jaipur

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A 4000 sq.ft. Residence located in the heart of the city having beautiful view on all the four sides making the residence a place to experience the grace of the city. This residence is redesigned with all the spaces interlinked, having living and dining as a central spaces for the family gatherings. According to the clients need there is a visual connection to all the spaces, maintaining the privacy of the family members. All the spaces in the house are well lit with natural light entering from all the directions.

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Very modern and contemporary interior design with the play of various materials, colors, shades etc. have been used to enhance the aesthetic value of the project. Fulfilling the clients requirements the drawing room is designed with a bar and a very impressive interiors. Since the main attraction for the guests is the drawing room ,the ambience of the space is such that it allows the guests to feel relaxed and comfortable.

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In the living room the use of local materials such as Jaisalmer stone has been done to enhance the space making it calm and simple. The use of light colors and textures also makes the space live and happy for the family to spent time together.