Nature Farms, NH -8, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Nature farms is situated on NH-8 about 35 Km from Jaipur towards Delhi. It is beautiful site surrounded by hills on the 3 sides and small depression of land on the other side, making it a very unique site for farm houses.
GM Architects is working on the I phase which comprises of about 50 farm houses out of which type design I and II are approved.
Overall feel of the space is very contemporary and it is very well facilitated with all modern facilities.


Each farmhouse is facilitated with Car parking, guard room, swimming pool, filtration plant etc. Each villa has a courtyard within the built structure which is the central focus of the farmhouse. The upper floor has one room which is overlooking the pool from the backside and terrace on the front side.


Farmhouse have beautiful landscape all around and on attempt has been made to use locally available material to give it a very earthy feel. This brings down the cost of the project as well as it allows employment generation for the locals available there.