Punjab Jewellers

23-05-19 North east morning view edited

Punjab jewellers originated in Kohait Di Hatti in Sarafa Bazar, Rawalpindi, Punjab (now in Pakistan). Foundation stone of Punjab Jewellers was laid by Sh. Swami Das who was inspired by jewels and had a keen eye for the same. Since the twentieth century the Punjab jewellers has left a prestigious benchmark over the period of 90 years of excellence which has been reflected in the design of the front elevation showing the grandeur of the showroom, visitors are welcomed by two huge welcoming arches. Maintaining the symmetry there are the two jharokhas on the fa├žade contemplating the bond between old and new modern era. In 1946, post independence , the Punjab Jewellers was reestablished in Dehradun on Rajpur Road. After re- establishing in Dehradun the firm gained a grand status in the jewel making industry, which can be related to nowadays as well and which is portrayed through the monumental facade of the jewellery showroom.

23-05-19 Southeast view Morning view edited

The design of Punjab Jewellers showcases the story of their evolution and has incorporated various iconic features of Rajput Architecture. The symmetric design of its facade and other elevations blends the elements and the structure to be perceived as a single whole.The building structure comprises of jewellery showroom at the ground floor and hotel in the upper storey. Entering into the compound of Punjab Jewellers gives the experience of entering into the Rajput Era, the huge welcoming arches, the Jharokhas and chattris. The design reflects the exclusive storyline of Punjab Jewellers.