RASA Nail Art Salon, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

15-11-2018 image 1

Health salon designed for various treatments and grooming facilities, is a proper blend of open and closed spaces, being filled with warm colors and lights. Combination of peach and beige colors enhances the ambience of the salon giving a very soothing feeling to the visitor.

15-11-2018 image 2

Spaces for various activities like nail art, hair dressing, therapy and makeup have been very intelligently placed so that none disturb the other activity and yet it looks aesthetically appealing.

15-11-2018 image 3

Pedicure section is very nicely done with rose gold glossy finished basins having engineered wood with proper piping systems for hot and cold water facilities.

15-11-2018 image 4

Walls on opposite sides have a diagonal design which breaks the monotony of the wall and light effects from the groove further highlights the space.