Restoration Plan – Badi Dharamshala, Karauli


Badi Dharamshala is a three storied Structure which comprises of a huge courtyard in the central part which is used by public during ceremonies.
Ground Floor of Dharamshala is still being used by the visitors who come to pay the homage to Kaila Devi.
First Floor is intact and presently being proposed to get converted to a guest house where visitors can come and accommodate them self for short duration
Second Floor has some rooms in one part and terrace in the remaining part.

GM Architects has developed a master plan for Badi Dharamshal and presented to His Highness of Karauli which got approved and is being implemented


The inner side of Dharamshala has two stairways going upwards on either ways directly to the first floor connecting to the huge room above the entrance
It is a load bearing structure made up in Karauli stone with very fine details. It has traditional Rajputana architecture elements like Jali, Jharokha, arches etc


Lower part of Dharamshala has a arched corridor of more than 100 feets and the upper part have rooms and each room has a separate courtyard for its privacy and proper light and ventilation. the central part is beautifully carved and have extensive details reflecting the richness of Rajputana Architecture