SLA Finance, Sangam Tower, Jaipur, Rajasthan


SLA finance is located in commercial complex (Sangam Tower), in the heart of the city which is designed to create spaces which employees cherish and also keeps them energetic throughout their working hours. Bright colours are used along with graphic designs to make the space interactive; Central workstation is designed like a Table Tennis table which is well equipped with all facilities to make it a workstation as well as a playing table.


Storage space all along the wall has been created and designed very efficiently to cater the maximum space. It is a combination of closed and open storage having open storage in the central part and closed at either sides making the space balanced. The central open storage is combination of powder coated iron and rubber wood making it very elegant and functional.


Graphic design has been given great importance to break the monotony of the space and to make the space very creative and energetic. Designs are made such that employees and clients both can relate to each other and start interacting with the space.