About Us

GM Architects is fully equipped and electronically linked office and has dedicated workstations and facilities to deliver the results via various electronic mediums. As a result of keeping ourselves updated with technology we are able to monitor projects across the country. We have stable and technically competent workforce, many of whom have been part of our organization since inception.

GM Architects has a keen interest in research based projects in various fields and we are associated to various organizations at national and international level.

Firm strictly believes in enhancing educational opportunities for architectural students and we offer up to 4 undergraduate internship at GMA for period of 6 months or more.

This opportunity gives them practical experience as well as exposure to live projects. Interns surely return back to their colleges with increased confidence and on graduation often come back to work with GMA.

A strong and stable team of about 12 members have credit to perform and built the organization for about a decade. We operate from Managing Director’s owned premises “AASHIRVAD”. This abode of design provides an ideal architecture office building creating work environment more interesting and gives it employees a flexibility to perform in a competitive environment.

Our Team

Ar. G.M. Mathur

Managing Director

Gaurav Mathur is one of the highly decorated architects. He is well known for completing projects on time and successfully dealing with various issues like climate, site topology, sustainability, adaption of technology etc.


GM Architects was founded on philosophy that purpose of architecture is to enhance people's life focusing on how do they live work, worship and play. We believe that architectural responses should not only stimulate and support their users but also be technically, socially and environmentally relevant to their form and space. In order to offer a more unique perspective in the development of design.

GM Architects is committed to developing unique architectural designs that communicate a clear purpose and meaning to its observer. All our projects are initiated with absolute consideration of clients version. We pride ourselves in engaging each client as a participant in the design process. We listen, probe and analyze to ensure that each project as unique.

Moreover, our aim is to ensure that the end results are the perfect fusion of aesthetic and practical consideration out of concern for future generations.

GMA strives for sustainability and integration of environmentally conscious design principles in all our projects and internal operations.


GM Architects is a firm which believes in lot of experimentation and exploration of various ideas, materials and different approaches. It has functioned as a hub which focus on projects involving research, exploration, analysis, creation, technical ideas and concepts. This leads to lyricism in the built form and vibrancy in the occupants. It is a space which we visualize and convert into reality which give a soothing experience and adopts to the activity, it is meant for. This builds confidence in our team as well as in designers to refine and define the expertise for same.