Little Affair Resort - Sariska, Alwar

Beautiful arches have been designed to give jungle lounge feel to the property. As it is very close to the Sariska forest, it has been given authentic design of jungle theme. Courtyard in between has beautiful sitting arrangements next to a uphill.
Beautiful circular sitting has been designed by GM Architects for their clients next to the pool so that guest can sit here in leisure and enjoy the nature. Also, they can have meals here which is going to be one of the best experience in the property.
Inner view of restaurant focusing outside. Three openings connect indoor and outdoor spaces so well that one feels that he is very close to the nature, also there is a visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. View of two layered hills (Aravali) gives a beautiful scenic frame.
Beautiful toilet with natural stones and proper light and ventilation has been designed. It has open shower as a part of it which is an added advantage for the washroom.
Outdoor sitting is covered with canvas in the foot hills of Aravali. It apparently gives a best scenic view in and around the property also the height here is added advantage and also becomes interesting space to see 360° view of surroundings having hills on one side, water on another side and forms on other sides.

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